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I am 19 Years old and I make 10k dollars a month

My Name is Mohammad Mukati and I will tell you the Ways I make Money

What Im working on?
What Im working on?
I am working on many projects in hopes of making my earnings higher every month!
How to make money
How to make money
Im a firm believer in passive income from online ventures. I will show you how to you start your path to making 10k plus a month
Learn & Grow!
Learn & Grow!
Education is the most important thing in life. Here I will teach you the basics and how you can grow your online venture.
Get tips to better success
Get tips to better success
Read my Blog to get tips on new ideas and secrets.

Lets Get Started

I will Share with you what Works and what Doesnt

What I use Everyday ?

The tools Needed
The most important tools you need to start you passive income.
I have made a list of things you need so you can get started. Having these things ready will give you an easier time.

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About Myself

  • Im a full time College Student.
  • I love making money
  • I started making money online 2 years ago.
  • I live in San Antonio, Texas
  • I love Florida ( im born there)
  • I very good at making websites.
  • I started my own company this year.
  • Im very good at SEO & Email Marketing
  • I watch ALOT of movies and tv shows
  • I earn money every min of the day via Passive Income.